Cardio Test

Cushioned Comfort

Advanced Cushioning System

Experience superior comfort with our cutting-edge cushioning system integrated into the running deck. This system provides an extra bounce to your stride, ensuring confidence that your knees and joints are well-protected. With state-of-the-art shock absorption technology, your workouts are both safe and comfortable.

Safety First

Built for Your Protection

Safety is paramount. Our treadmill’s deck is designed with user protection in mind. It features side rails on both sides, equipped with a non-slip pattern to prevent accidents. These side rails provide a secure surface for users to step onto in emergencies, ensuring your safety throughout your workout.

Stability and Durability

Max User Weight – 150 KG

Expect exceptional stability and durability with our treadmill. The frame, weighing 90 kg, is constructed to exceed the expectations of home users. It can confidently accommodate user weights of up to 150 kg while maintaining its high-end, stylish design and super stability, even during intense workouts.

Incline for Variety

Electronic 0-15% Incline

Customize your workouts with ease using our electronic incline adjustment. This motor-driven system smoothly lifts the platform to your desired level, offering inclines of up to 15%. Create varying levels of intensity, from brisk walks to challenging uphill runs.