Evolve Carbon Series Powerbags 5-25 kg

Elevate your workout routine with the Evolve Carbon Series Powerbags, available in a range of weights from 5 kg to 25 kg. These Powerbags are more than just your average gym equipment; they’re designed to bring style and functionality to your fitness regimen. Featuring a cutting-edge PVC Carbon surface that’s not only easy to clean but also provides a secure grip, these Powerbags boast a sleek and modern design that complements any gym setting. Inside, a soft lining cushions impact during exercises, ensuring both safety and shape retention. Suitable for intense, commercial use, these Powerbags are versatile, catering to users of all fitness levels for cardio, functional, crossfit, and more. With reinforced stitching, non-slip handles, and air vents, these Powerbags are built to last, making them the ideal choice for both home users and professional gyms. Elevate your fitness game with Evolve Carbon Series Powerbags and experience the benefits of high-quality, versatile workout equipment.



  • Durable Cross-Functional Equipment: Our meticulously engineered cross-functional equipment is built to endure the demands of daily, intensive training sessions.
  • The Ideal Workout Space: Elevate your fitness journey by incorporating our diverse range of accessories into your workout space, making it a hub for exhilarating full-body workouts.
  • User-Centric Design: Experience the difference with equipment meticulously crafted with the user in mind, ensuring your training sessions are effective, comfortable, and safe.
  • Equipment Packages: Explore our comprehensive equipment packages that simplify the process of setting up your own gym. With everything you need for a Cross Training or functional workout, achieving your fitness goals has never been easier.

Revamp your training space and unlock a new level of fitness with our robust and user-friendly cross-functional equipment.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Available in
    5 kg / 10 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg
  • Air vents reduce internal pressure
  • Zipper and 3 Velcro straps for durability
  • High-density breathable foam lining maintains the shape
  • High-tech, durbale, easy to clean Carbon look surface
  • 3 soft non-slip handles for exercise variations
  • Reinforced seams with double stitching

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