Evolve Elliptical Trainer with 10,1'' TFT Console

Introducing the Evolve Elliptical Trainer CE 101 TFT, product code CE 101 TFT, which redefines your cardio experience with its 10.1” TFT Console featuring multimedia capabilities and virtual workout options. Designed for both gym owners and fitness enthusiasts, this elliptical shines with automatic step length and trajectory control, accommodating users of all heights and exercise preferences, from walking to climbing. Its compact pedal spacing ensures a fluid, natural motion, powered by 76 bearings and 3 whisper-quiet motors. Integrated sensors help you monitor your heart rate, while advanced stride and depth adjustment systems enable personalized workouts. With a sturdy frame and a plethora of features ensuring comfort, safety, and efficient training, the Evolve CE 101 TFT sets an unmatched standard for cardio excellence in both commercial and home fitness settings. Elevate your fitness journey to new heights with this elliptical marvel.

Smart Motion Adaptation

Height-Responsive Stride and Trajectory Control

Experience adaptable workouts with the Evolve CE 101 TFT Elliptical’s automatic step length and trajectory control. Effortlessly adjust the machine’s settings to accommodate varying user heights and execute diverse exercises, simulating walking, running, hiking, or climbing motions. With its precisely engineered pedal spacing, users enjoy a natural and seamless movement that mirrors real-life activities. The integration of 76 bearings and 3 quiet motors ensures this elliptical meets the rigorous demands of commercial gyms and dedicated home users alike.

Intuitive Light Indicators

Simplified Interaction and Monitoring

Simplify your elliptical experience through intuitive light indicators. A green light signifies the commencement of your workout, while pressing the STOP button prompts a red light with a brief 2-second blink. The transition to standby mode is marked by a calming blue glow, ensuring effortless engagement and smooth transitions.

Heart Rate Precision

Real-Time Monitoring for Optimal Workouts

Stay connected to your body’s response with the elliptical’s built-in heart rate sensors on the handlebars. This invaluable feature helps you stay within your desired training zone, maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts and promoting progress towards your fitness objectives.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Precision Craftsmanship and Noise Control

Seamless and interference-free motion is a hallmark of the Evolve CE 101 TFT’s design, thanks to its incorporation of 76 bearings and 3 specialized motors. This intricate combination ensures not only impeccable smoothness during your exercise but also exceptional durability, a critical attribute for enduring high-intensity workouts.

Ergonomic Comfort

Optimal Pedal Spacing for Natural Movement

The Evolve CE 101 TFT’s pedal spacing is meticulously calibrated at 230 mm, delivering unmatched comfort to users of varying statures. This ergonomic design fosters a fluid and natural stride, enhancing workout efficiency and reducing the risk of strain.

Wider Textured Pedals

Enhanced Pedal Comfort and Traction

Engage in comfortable workouts with the elliptical’s wider textured pedals, delivering enhanced traction and stability, even during high-paced exercise sessions.

Adaptive Stride and Depth

Intelligent Versatility for Varied Training

Immerse yourself in a world of adaptive training with the elliptical’s intelligent stride and depth adjustment system. Seamlessly accommodating different user heights, this innovation automatically modifies the stride length and depth. Users can effortlessly transition between training modes that replicate running, walking, climbing, and hiking, each offering an ergonomic and effective range of motion.

Versatile Grip Possibilities

Comfort and Variety for All Users

Experience enhanced workout comfort and flexibility with the elliptical’s soft material-covered handles, offering multiple grip positions. These handles cater to diverse training styles and user heights, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable elliptical experience.

Robust and Stable Construction

Unwavering Support for Intense Workouts

With a substantial weight of 212 kg, the elliptical machine offers unwavering stability and enduring durability. This robust construction provides the foundation for safe and secure workouts, even during the most demanding exercise sessions.

Effortless Resistance Control

Seamless Adjustment at Your Fingertips

Take control of your workout intensity effortlessly with the elliptical’s quick control keys. With a simple touch, users can seamlessly adjust resistance levels, customizing their experience for optimal results.

Convenient Mobility

Integrated Transport Wheels for Easy Maneuvering

The elliptical’s integrated transportation wheels offer convenient mobility, making it effortless to move the machine within your fitness space as needed.

Sleek Aesthetic

Dual Texture Frame with Innovative X Style and Aluminium Rails

Experience the harmony of design through the fusion of glossy and matte textures, spotlighting the elliptical’s sleek lines and refined craftsmanship. The innovative X-style frame and aluminium rails add a touch of modern sophistication.

Refresh and Revive

Built-In Cooling Fan for Optimal Comfort

Stay refreshed during intense workouts with the elliptical’s three-speed cooling fan, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

Endless Workout Variety

Entertainment at Your Fingertips

The treadmill’s 10.1″ touchscreen display offers unlimited entertainment possibilities. Connect to WiFi and Bluetooth to access YouTube videos, integrated speakers for music, and watch video clips in Full HD resolution. The display also tracks essential workout metrics, such as time, distance, calories, speed, and heart rate, providing detailed feedback to keep you motivated and on track toward your fitness goals.

Hydration Within Reach

Integrated Water Bottle Holder

Prioritize hydration throughout your workout by utilizing the elliptical’s built-in water bottle and accessory holder. Keep your essentials within arm’s reach for uninterrupted and efficient training sessions. The Evolve CE 101 TFT Commercial Elliptical is poised to redefine your cardio experience, delivering unparalleled technology, versatility, and performance for a comprehensive fitness journey.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions
    2120 x 790 x 1680 mm
  • Weight
    212 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years, frame - 10 years
  • Bluetooth
  • Console
    10,1'' TFT Console
  • Console parameters
    Heart rate, time, calories, distance, speed, incline, YouTube, virtual workouts, internet
  • Water bottle holder
  • Accessory holder
  • Heart rate sensors on handles
  • Max user weight
    180 kg
  • Transportation wheels
  • Fan
  • Resistance levels
  • Stride grade
  • Stride depth grade
  • Stride depth adjustment
    435-561 mm
  • Stride length adjustment
    481-637 mm
  • Distance between pedals
    230 mm
  • Programs

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