Evolve CPU Urethane Curl Fixed Barbells

Maximize your strength training with the sleek Evolve Urethane Fixed Weight Barbells, ranging from 10 to 55 kg to suit all fitness levels. Their fixed weight design offers convenience for quick resistance changes during workouts. Crafted with durable urethane, laser-etched detailing, and an infused logo, these barbells are built for longevity and designed to elevate the look of any gym setting. Perfect for straightforward, efficient exercise regimes, Evolve barbells are the top-notch choice for reliable and stylish weightlifting equipment.

Maximize Your Training

Evolve CPU Urethane Curl Fixed Barbells

Welcome to the next level of strength training with Evolve CPU Urethane Curl Fixed Barbells. Our selection of fixed barbells, ranging from 10kg to 55kg, caters to all fitness enthusiasts, whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete. With Evolve barbells, you can easily progress through resistance levels and target every major muscle group for a comprehensive workout.

Unrivaled Urethane Coating

Tailored to Your Brand

Experience the difference with our urethane-coated barbells, which are twice as durable as traditional rubber. Urethane withstands the rigorous demands of any training environment without the common issues of cracking or peeling. Plus, it’s odorless and resistant to heat, UV damage, and wear and tear.

Built to Last

Customization to Fit Your Brand

Enhance the professional look of your gym with Evolve’s custom design options. For bulk orders, we offer laser-cut logos and color matching to seamlessly integrate with your gym’s aesthetic. The solid metal alloy core provides a stable weight that resists rust and deformation. Precision manufacturing ensures accurate weight and balance for reliable performance in commercial settings.

Safety and Comfort in Grip

Superior Strength and Precision for Every Workout

Our barbells are meticulously designed with a focus on grip comfort and workout safety, featuring a knurled handle pattern that ensures a non-slip grip even during the most intense training sessions. The superior rust-resistant coating not only prolongs the handle’s life but also maintains its sleek, professional look. This attention to detail provides lifters with the confidence of a secure grip, enabling them to increase their performance while reducing the risk of slippage or injury. With every lift, curl, and press, users can trust in the stability and safety provided by these carefully crafted barbells, knowing that their focus can remain on their form and training without the worry of their equipment’s integrity. Whether it’s for a home gym enthusiast or a commercial fitness center, these barbells deliver consistent performance and safety rep after rep.

Technical specifications

  • Laser cut, urethane infused logo and weight number
  • Knurled handle provide great grip
  • Urethane coat for maximum durability
  • We can infuse your gym brand logo and color

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