Evolve FR-200 Full Rack

Elevate your commercial gym experience with the Evolve Full Power Rack, a robust and precisely crafted strength training apparatus. Engineered for durability, the rack boasts a 3mm powder-coated frame with a maximum load capacity of up to 1000 kg. Laser-cut holes and numbers, along with robotically welded seams, ensure meticulous attention to detail. The comprehensive package includes eight weight storage holders, protective straps, a horizontal barbell holder, a vertical barbell holder, and a multifunctional crossbar. Unleash the full potential of your workouts with the Evolve Full Power Rack, where quality meets versatility for an optimal strength training environment.

3D for the Evolve FR-200 Half Rack

At Evolve Fitness, we are dedicated to revolutionizing your fitness experience, and we’re excited to introduce our 3D render video for the Evolve Full Rack. This video lets you see clearly robust and versatile fitness powerhouse.


Rack serves as the heart of the training area

The Evolve FR-200 Full Rack is more than just a piece of gym equipment; it’s a powerhouse that embodies the spirit of athleticism and commitment to fitness. Its harmonious blend of aesthetic elegance, versatility, safety, and durability makes it the ultimate choice for any gym or sports facility. With the FR-200 as your fitness companion, you’ll have the tools to achieve your athletic aspirations and reach new levels of performance. Experience the power and beauty of the Evolve FR-200, where strength and aesthetics converge to redefine your fitness journey.

precision and functionality

The precision laser-cut holes and numbers on the Evolve FR-200 Half Rack enhance its functionality and user-friendliness. These features allow for quick and accurate adjustments of J-hooks and safety bars, ensuring efficient setup for various exercises. The clearly marked numbers also aid in ensuring symmetry in bar placement, which is crucial for balanced training and injury prevention.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Warranty
    3 years
  • Dimensions
    1827 x 1244 x 2374 mm
  • Weight
    220 kg
  • Maximum load
    1000 kg
  • Hole diameter
    22 mm
  • Distance between holes
    50 mm
  • Frame wall thickness
    3 mm
  • Anti-corrosion paint

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