Evolve Hi-Temp X Bumper Weight Plates 5-25 kg

Discover the ultimate workout companions with Evolve Hi-Temp X Bumper Weight Plates ranging from 5 kg to 25 kg. Crafted from durable compressed rubber, these plates excel in shock absorption and noise reduction, making them ideal for home and commercial gyms. Their soft bounce and noise-reducing qualities protect your floors and keep workouts peaceful. Designed for a perfect fit, they feature a stainless steel sleeve and precise casting to fit all Olympic 50 mm bars effortlessly. With ergonomic rounded sleeve tips and textured rubber surfaces for a secure grip, these plates ensure a seamless lifting experience. Elevate your fitness journey with Evolve top-notch bumper weight plates.


Unrivaled Performance Guaranteed

Discover the perfect fit weight plates designed with precision-casting and stainless steel sleeves, guaranteeing compatibility with all Olympic 50 mm bars. Our weight plates feature ergonomic rounded sleeve tips for effortless loading and unloading, while the textured rubber surface ensures a secure grip even with heavy weights. Elevate your workout experience with our premium fitness equipment.

Weight Plates, complemented by a robust rack

Present a dynamic duo for weight training and a sleek aesthetics

These plates, crafted from resilient rubber, range in weight, catering to varied fitness levels. Their design ensures a snug fit on Olympic bars, with a focus on noise reduction and shock absorption. The accompanying rack, with its streamlined design, offers an organized storage solution, keeping the plates accessible and the workout space tidy. This combination enhances any gym setup, blending functionality with a sleek aesthetic.

Plates come in various sizes

For different strength levels and training needs

The smaller-sized plates are perfect for gradual progression, allowing users to increase their lifting weight in manageable increments. Meanwhile, the larger plates cater to more advanced weightlifters looking for significant resistance. Each size maintains the quality and durability standard of the Evolve brand, with the same rubber material and Olympic bar compatibility.


Elevate Your Performance

Experience exceptional shock absorption and noise reduction during your intense workouts with Evolve Crumb Bumper Plates. Crafted from soft yet durable rubber, these plates offer top-tier dampening qualities, ensuring the safety of your floors and equipment. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, they provide a gentle, floor-friendly solution for your fitness needs.


Long lasting and stylish

Elevate your fitness equipment with Evolve Hi-Temp X Bumper Weight Plates, where durability meets style. Our plates boast an innovative design featuring a logo and weight numbers that are not just printed but are actually infused and permanently molded into the plate’s surface. This unique process ensures that the markings will never rub off, fade, or deteriorate, preserving their flawless appearance for the entirety of your fitness journey. Invest in gear that can stand the test of time and workouts, choose Evolve Hi-Temp X Bumper Weight Plates for unmatched longevity and quality in your fitness arsenal.

Revolutionize Your Strength

Training with Evolve X Bumpers

Evolve X Bumpers, now featuring a cutting-edge compressed rubber design that’s thinner than typical bumpers. This innovation empowers you to maximize your barbell’s weight capacity, boosting it to an impressive 210 kg. Elevate your strength training with these high-performance bumpers.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • 5 kg: Diameter - 450mm; Thickness - 30 mm
  • 10 kg: Diameter - 450mm; Thickness - 45 mm
  • 15 kg: Diameter - 450mm; Thickness - 55 mm
  • 20 kg: Diameter - 450mm; Thickness - 70 mm
  • 25 kg: Diameter - 450mm; Thickness - 90 mm