Evolve Powerband

Enhance your workout routine with our versatile Evolve Powerbands, a fantastic alternative to traditional weights. These multifunctional bands offer six different resistance levels, ranging from X-Light to XX-Heavy, catering to various fitness needs. Made from high-quality latex, they provide exceptional elasticity and durability, maintaining their shape even after extensive use. Whether you’re looking to add resistance to your exercises, aid in pull-ups, or improve your flexibility, these 208 cm long powerbands are the perfect fitness companion. Elevate your fitness game with Evolve Powerbands today!

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • X-Light (6.4 mm width, 2-7 kg)
  • Light (13 mm width, 7-16 kg)
  • Medium (22 mm width, 16-32 kg)
  • Heavy (32 mm width, 20-45 kg)
  • X-Heavy (45 mm width, 23-57 kg)
  • XX-Heavy (64 mm width, 27-79 kg)