Evolve Suspension Trainer PRO

Work out anywhere, anytime with the stylish and versatile Evolve functional straps. Constructed from durable fabric with non-slip, resilient rubber-coated handles and adjustable loops for the legs, these features ensure longevity and comfort during workouts. With special attachments, these straps can be hung on a beam, wall mount, or door. The convenient, portable design includes a bag that accommodates the entire set. The Evolve TRX trainer is a versatile option suitable for home and gym use. Its simple yet elegant design allows for a full-body muscle workout. Evolve TRX straps are made from high-quality materials, easily maintainable and cleanable, and provide reliable performance even in professional sports clubs.

feature special attributes

that enhance rigs functionality in fitness trainingts

These include durable materials for longevity, adjustable sizing for a comfortable fit, and ergonomic designs to support a range of movements. Functional Belts are designed for exercises involving body weight. These belts are used to add resistance or support during various exercises such as pull-ups, dips, and muscle-ups. They help in enhancing strength and endurance by providing extra weight resistance, thus increasing the intensity of the workout. These belts are ideal for those looking to advance their body weight training routines.

Designed to be compatible with Evolve rigs

Facilitates a wide range of exercises for group workouts or individual sessions

Long Attachment is an ideal addition for functional training and CrossFit. This user-friendly attachment enhances the versatility of your rig, allowing for the inclusion of various accessories. It’s an essential tool to elevate your fitness routine, offering new dimensions in training.

designed with durability in mind

High-quality materials to withstand rigorous training sessions

Their construction is focused on enduring the stress of frequent and intense use, making them a reliable choice for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Technical specifications

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