Evolve Rubber Weight Plates 1.25-25 kg

Elevate Your Workouts with Evolve Rubber Weight Plates
Our Evolve Rubber Weight Plates are the ideal choice for professional gyms and home fitness enthusiasts. Made from high-quality, odor-free rubber, these plates feature rust-proof stainless steel sleeves and are available in various weights from 1.25 kg to 25 kg. Their exceptional durability, precision casting, and non-slip design make them perfect for intense workouts. Easily attachable to Olympic 50 mm bars, these plates are not only functional but also stylish with laser-cut weight numbers and a bold logo. Upgrade your fitness routine with Evolve Weight Plates today


Enhanced Durability

Our logo and weight indication system utilizes laser-cut weight numbers, ensuring a pristine, splint-free appearance. Additionally, these numbers and logo are infused with long-lasting urethane, guaranteeing vibrant colors that won’t fade with time. Choose us for unmatched durability and clarity in your weight indication needs.



Durability, Safety, and Grip in One

Engineered with utmost functionality in mind, these weight plates are encased in durable rubber, safeguarding both your floors and equipment from potential damage while keeping training noise to a minimum. Their textured surface offers easy cleaning, non-slip properties, and exceptional grip for secure handling, ensuring your safety during even the most intense workouts.

effortless resistance adjustments

Precision Crafted

Crafted with a durable stainless steel sleeve and precision casting, these plates guarantee a snug fit on all Olympic bars. Loading and unloading weights is a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic rounded sleeve tips. Plus, with three convenient handles and a non-slip rubber texture, you’ll maintain a secure grip, even during your most challenging lifts. Elevate your workout experience with our versatile and user-friendly weight plates.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Color ealstomer logo
  • Stainless steel sleeve with rounded tips
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • Permanently embossed weight indication
  • 3 handles for easy loading