Evolve Triceps Bar

Discover the power of targeted arm workouts with the Evolve Triceps Bar, EV-AC-GH-150. Specially crafted to enhance triceps exercises, this bar is a game-changer for anyone looking to intensify their arm training. The Evolve Triceps Bar features a solid, durable construction, ensuring it can withstand the most rigorous workout routines. Its unique design allows for a neutral grip, which is optimal for reducing strain on wrists and elbows while effectively isolating and strengthening the triceps muscles. This bar is perfect for a variety of exercises, including skull crushers, triceps press, and hammer grip overhead lifts, offering versatility for your arm workouts. Its compatibility with standard weight plates makes it an ideal addition to both home and commercial gyms. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, the Evolve Triceps Bar is an essential tool for building upper body strength, improving muscle tone, and enhancing overall arm definition.

Technical specifications

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