Evolve Ultra Series Series Selectorized 4 Stack Multigym With 2 Adjustable Cables

Discover the Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized 4 Stack Multigym, a top-tier choice for gym owners and fitness enthusiasts. This multigym combines safety with style, featuring a Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud and an elegant, durable electrostatic powder-coated black matte frame. Its Rubber Pads protect your gym floor, while the Optimal Hand Grips ensure a comfortable and safe workout experience. Weighing 770 kg and backed by a 2-year warranty, it includes corrosion protection, instructional placards, and floor protectors. Elevate your gym with this high-quality, budget-friendly fitness solution.

Evolve Ultra Series

Welcome to the Evolve Ultra Series, where we redefine excellence. Designed for gym owners, potential gym proprietors, and fitness facilities of all sizes, our Ultra Series offers a range of cost-efficient selectorized machines that prioritize quality and performance. Let’s explore the unique features that make the Ultra Series an exceptional choice for those seeking budget-friendly yet high-quality fitness equipment.

Safety Meets Style

Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud

For gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs, safety and aesthetics are paramount. The Evolve Ultra Series features a Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud, seamlessly combining safety and style. By enhancing safety and preventing accidents while keeping your gym space clean, this shroud is an essential addition to any fitness facility. Elevate your gym’s visual appeal while prioritizing the safety of your clients during every workout session.


Electrostatic powder-coated

The Evolve Ultra Series strength machines with an electrostatic powder-coated pearl black matte frame exemplify both form and function. Its aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the black matte finish, while its practical features, including friction resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and scratches resistance, ensure that it’s a reliable and long-lasting fitness companion.


Rubber Pads for Floor Protection

Maintain a clean and damage-free workout environment with Rubber Pads. Gym owners understand the importance of preserving their gym floors. Our rubber-coated legs safeguard your flooring against scratches and potential damage, making the Ultra Series the choice for gym owners looking to protect their space.

Optimal Hand Grips

Elevating the Fitness Experience

Attracting and retaining clients is essential for gym owners and fitness facility managers. The Evolve Ultra Series offers Optimal Hand Grips, meticulously designed for comfort and safety. Elevate your clients’ workout experience, keeping them engaged and motivated to achieve their fitness goals at your facility.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Weight
    770 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Corrosion protection paint
  • Placard with training instruction
  • Durable floor protectors
  • Shrouded weight stack
  • Black Frame

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