Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Lateral Raise, UL-340

Introducing the Evolve Ultra Series UL-340 Selectorized Lateral Raise machine – a pinnacle of innovation in fitness equipment. Elevate your gym experience with this advanced machine, designed to target lateral deltoid muscles effectively. With its user-centric design, independent arm movement, and impeccable comfort, the UL-340 ensures an unparalleled workout. Its sleek matte finish, one-hand seat adjustment, and optimal hand grips make it a must-have for gym owners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Explore the Evolve Ultra Series UL-340 and redefine your fitness journey with a blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional comfort.

Maximum Comfort

Moulded Seats for Gym Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Evolve Econ Series, where we redefine excellence without breaking the bank. Designed for gym owners, potential gym proprietors, and fitness facilities of all sizes, our Econ Series offers a range of cost-efficient selectorized machines that prioritize quality and performance. Let’s explore the unique features that make the Econ Series an exceptional choice for those seeking budget-friendly yet high-quality fitness equipment.

Safety Meets Style

Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud

For gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs, safety and aesthetics are paramount. The Evolve Ultra Series features a Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud, seamlessly combining safety and style. By enhancing safety and preventing accidents while keeping your gym space clean, this shroud is an essential addition to any fitness facility. Elevate your gym’s visual appeal while prioritizing the safety of your clients during every workout session.

Sleek and Durable

The Unique Matte Paint Finish

The Econ Series introduces a combination of safety and style with Shrouded Weight Stacks. Opaque plastic covers prioritize workout safety while adding a touch of elegance to your fitness space. Whether you’re a gym owner or fitness enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the visual appeal and safety these shrouds bring to your gym.

User-Centric Convenience

One-Hand Seat Adjustment

Aspiring gym owners, take note! The User-Centric Convenience of One-Hand Seat Adjustment enhances the workout experience. Clients can seamlessly transition between exercises without interruption, making their workout sessions more efficient and enjoyable. This user-centric approach will help your fitness facility stand out in the competitive fitness industry.

Optimal Hand Grips

Elevating the Fitness Experience

Attracting and retaining clients is essential for gym owners and fitness facility managers. The Evolve Ultra Series offers Optimal Hand Grips, meticulously designed for comfort and safety. Elevate your clients’ workout experience, keeping them engaged and motivated to achieve their fitness goals at your facility.

Effortless Start

Leg Assist for Inclusivity

For aspiring gym owners considering entering the fitness facility business, the Effortless Start with Leg Assist in the Evolve Ultra Series ensures accessibility for all fitness levels. This innovative feature removes barriers to entry for newcomers and keeps your gym inclusive, welcoming clients of all abilities.

Independent Arm Movement

A Game-Changer for Versatility

Gym owners and fitness facility managers understand the need for versatile equipment. Our Evolve Ultra Series introduces Independent Arm Movement, a game-changing feature that empowers users with a broader range of motion. This innovative addition promotes superior muscle engagement and symmetry, making it a must-have for fitness enthusiasts seeking dynamic workout experiences. Elevate your gym’s reputation with equipment that allows your clients to achieve their fitness goals effectively and efficiently.

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    192 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Weight stack
    80 kg
  • Dimensions
    1420 x 1020 x 1855 mm
  • Corrosion protection paint
  • Placard with training instruction
  • Durable floor protectors
  • Shrouded weight stack
  • Adjustable position

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