Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Leg Extension / Leg Curl

Elevate your lower body workout routine with the Evolve Ultra Series UL-250 Selectorized Leg Extension / Leg Curl machine. Its innovative design combines leg extensions and leg curls in one, supported by Independent Arm Movement for enhanced muscle engagement. Safety and style meet with the covered weight stack shroud, while user-centric features like one-hand seat adjustment ensure seamless exercise transitions. With optimal hand grips and a durable matte finish, the UL-250 sets a new standard for comfort and versatility in lower body training.

Welcome to Ultra series

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The Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Leg Extension / Leg Curl, is built for both comfort and performance. The machine designed for exercise versatility, ergonomic support and adjustablity options for different user sizes. The design is aesthetically pleasing with a durable, powder-coated finish, and the use of high-quality cables ensures smooth operation.


Primarily trains two different muscle groups

Leg Extension Movement: Focuses on the quadriceps, the muscles at the front of the thigh. These are essential for knee extension and play a vital role in activities like walking, running, and jumping. Leg Curl Movement: Targets the hamstrings, located at the back of the thigh. These muscles are crucial for knee flexion and hip extension, important in movements like bending the knee and walking uphill.

This machine is effective for strengthening these key leg muscles, enhancing overall lower body strength and functionality.

Moulded seats

For Optimal Comfort And Effectiveness

The Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Abduction/Adduction is part of the Evolve Ultra Series, known for its ergonomic support, adjustability for different user sizes, and sleek, durable design. This equipment is ideal for enhancing muscle engagement and improving leg stability and balance.

Sleek and Durable

The Unique Matte Paint Finish

The Ultra Series introduces a combination of safety and style with Shrouded Weight Stacks. Opaque plastic covers prioritize workout safety while adding a touch of elegance to your fitness space. Whether you’re a gym owner or fitness enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the visual appeal and safety these shrouds bring to your gym.

Effortless Start

Leg Assist for Inclusivity

For aspiring gym owners considering entering the fitness facility business, the Effortless Start with Leg Assist in the Evolve Ultra Series ensures accessibility for all fitness levels. This innovative feature removes barriers to entry for newcomers and keeps your gym inclusive, welcoming clients of all abilities.

Safety Meets Style

Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud

For gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs, safety and aesthetics are paramount. The Evolve Ultra Series features a Fully Covered Weight Stack Shroud, seamlessly combining safety and style. By enhancing safety and preventing accidents while keeping your gym space clean, this shroud is an essential addition to any fitness facility. Elevate your gym’s visual appeal while prioritizing the safety of your clients during every workout session.

Optimal Hand Grips

Elevating the Fitness Experience

Attracting and retaining clients is essential for gym owners and fitness facility managers. The Evolve Ultra Series offers Optimal Hand Grips, meticulously designed for comfort and safety. Elevate your clients’ workout experience, keeping them engaged and motivated to achieve their fitness goals at your facility.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Weight
    167 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Weight stack
    110 kg
  • Dimensions
    1530 x 1170 x 1602 mm
  • Corrosion protection paint
  • Placard with training instruction
  • Durable floor protectors
  • Shrouded weight stack
  • Adjustable position