Evolve Ultra Series Commercial Recumbent bike

Experience the ultimate cardio workout with the Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Recumbent Bike. Its sleek Sandy Black frame, durable Aluminium seat rail, and advanced EMS system brake offer style and performance. With a 10kg*265mm flywheel, 200 KG max user weight, and convenient features like a water bottle holder, it’s designed for every fitness level. The 15.6” TFT console connects to apps like Kinomap and Zwift via Bluetooth and includes built-in apps like Google Chrome and Netflix. With a handle pulse sensor, speakers, and a USB charging port, stay entertained and connected while you work out. Redefine your cardio experience with the UL-156.

Family Look Aesthetic

Performance in Commercial Cardio Equipment

The Ultra Series by Evolve embodies a distinct family look style tailored for the dynamic environment of complex commercial gyms. With sleek lines, modern design, and premium finishes, each piece within the Ultra Series seamlessly integrates to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the fitness facility. Whether it’s the treadmills, ellipticals, or stationary bikes, every machine exudes sophistication and functionality, enhancing the ambiance of the gym space. From the vibrant LED displays to the ergonomic handles and adjustable features for every gym enthusiast.

Introducing the Evolve Ultra Series cardio

Style and stability

Introducing the Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Recumbent Bike, your ticket to an unparalleled cardio experience. Designed with precision and sophistication, this fitness equipment redefines your workout routine. Its striking Sandy Black frame not only adds a touch of elegance to your gym but also signifies its superior quality and craftsmanship.

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Evolve Ultra Series Recumbent Bike

The Ultimate Workout Experience

The Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Recumbent Bike offers comfort and performance, transforming your workout routine. As you settle into its ergonomic seat every pedal stroke feels effortless and smooth. The adjustable seat and handlebars allow for a personalized fit, catering to users of all sizes and body types. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, navigating through various workout programs and resistance levels is easy.

Performance and Durability

For Optimal Performance

Built to last, the UL-156 boasts an Aluminium seat rail, providing the durability and stability you need during your workouts. The advanced EMS system brake offers precise resistance control, while the 10kg*265mm flywheel ensures a smooth and efficient pedaling motion. Complementing the frame, the accessories are finished in Black, creating a seamless and stylish look. With secure 9/16″ pedals and a 400mm PJ8 belt, this bike can handle a maximum user weight of 200KG, making it suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

Cutting-Edge Technology

TFT Console

The highlight of the UL-156 is its state-of-the-art 15.6” TFT console. This high-definition screen not only displays essential workout data but also offers entertainment and connectivity features. Seamlessly connect to popular fitness apps like Kinomap and Zwift via Bluetooth for an immersive training experience. What’s more, the built-in apps, including Google Chrome, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Video, Amazon shopping, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, keep you engaged and entertained throughout your workout.

User-Friendly Design

And Space-Efficient

With a setup size of 1725 x 75 x 122 mm and a Net Weight/Gross Weight of 75/83KGS, the UL-156 provides a stable platform for your workouts without taking up excessive space. It even includes a convenient water bottle holder, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your session.

Entertainment and Connectivity

Ultra performance

The UL-156 also comes with its handle pulse sensor. It includes built-in speakers and a USB charging port, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and keep your devices charged during your workouts. With the Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Recumbent Bike, you’re not just investing in fitness equipment; you’re investing in a complete fitness and entertainment experience that will revolutionize your cardio routine. Elevate your workouts with the UL-156 and take a step closer to your fitness goals.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Belt
    400 mm
  • Max user weight
    200 kg
  • Dimensions
    1725 x 75 x 122 mm
  • Weight
    71 kg
  • Watt value
    20 - 300 W
  • Built-in Receiver
  • Speaker
    Y 3.5MM+BT
  • USB charging
  • Flywheel
    265 mm
  • Brake
    EMS system
  • Console
    15.6" TFT
  • Resistance levels
  • Console display
    Level, time, distance, calories, puls, mets/watt, speed/RPM
  • Aluminium seat rail
  • Water bottle holder
  • Mirror function
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in apps
    Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Zwift, Kinomap, Instagram, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Google Chrome