Evolve Ultra Series UL-215 Commercial Treadmill

The Evolve Ultra Series UL-215 Commercial Treadmill offers a premium and technologically advanced exercise platform that is perfect for any commercial gym, hotel fitness suite, or home gym with space for professional-grade equipment. Embrace the future of fitness with the UL-215 and evolve your workout today.

Sleek Design with Practical Features

Elevate Your Gym with the Evolve UL 215 Commercial Treadmill

Illuminate your path to fitness with stylish LED lights on both side rails, creating an energizing atmosphere for your workout environment. The sleek design is matched with practical comfort, featuring black PU foam for the handlebar, providing a secure and comfortable grip during the most rigorous runs.

Max User Weight Accommodation

Excellence in Strength and Stability

The Evolve Ultra Series UL-215 Commercial Treadmill sets a new standard for inclusive fitness equipment. With its sturdy frame and advanced mechanism designed to support a maximum user weight of up to 200 kg, it stands out as a highly accessible option for users of various body types and fitness levels. This capacity for higher user weight not only expands its usability but also exemplifies the treadmill’s commitment to durability and reliability. Unlike many conventional treadmills that cap user weights at lower thresholds, the UL-215’s superior build quality opens the doors for heavier individuals to engage in rigorous exercise with confidence. Its ability to safely and efficiently accommodate a greater weight range marks it as a leader in the field, pushing the boundaries of traditional gym equipment and ushering in a new era of innovative, inclusive fitness solutions.

Revolutionizing Fitness

The Evolve Ultra Series UL-215 Treadmill with Advanced Entertainment Console

The Evolve Ultra Series UL-215 Commercial Treadmill redefines the exercise experience by merging cutting-edge fitness programs with an array of entertainment features on its advanced console. Users can enjoy a variety of running programs—including simulated uphill runs, goal-oriented exercises, and interval training—that cater to diverse fitness objectives while experiencing virtual routes and scenic challenges with apps like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Zwift, and Kinomap. This integration not only fuels a highly engaging and immersive workout but also ensures users are entertained and motivated as they pursue their fitness goals. With its seamless connectivity enabled by a built-in receiver, Bluetooth support, a high-quality speaker system, and a USB charging port, the UL-215 makes sure your devices are in sync, and you stay entertained with your favorite media throughout every mile you conquer. It’s a harmonious blend of robust fitness programming and superior entertainment options packaged into one streamlined, user-centric console, ensuring the UL-215 stands out as an innovative leader in the world of commercial fitness equipment.

Advanced Speed and Incline Settings

Optimize Engagement through Screen Advertisements

Tailor your workout with precision thanks to a speed range of 0.5 to 25 kph and an incline option of 0-15%. Whether you’re in the mood for a gentle jog or an uphill sprint, the UL-215 adapts to your desired level of challenge with ease.

Interactive Training

Adaptability and Performance

Get more from your workouts with integrated access to KINOMAP and ZWIFT, allowing you to join virtual challenges and run in simulated environments, real routes from all over the world. Virtual workouts provide lifelike running experience from the comfort of your home or gym

Superior Running Surface

Running Deck, Belt, and Humanized Design

A spacious running area of 60 x 160 cm ensures freedom of movement, while the AC3.0 motor provides a smooth and consistent drive. The 100 mm rollers offer stability and contribute to the longevity of the machine. Experience a superior running platform with a belt thickness of 4.3 mm, which is maintenance-free, and a running board thickness of 25 mm, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Max user weight
    200 kg
  • Built-in Receiver
  • Speaker
    Y 3.5MM+BT
  • USB charging
  • LED on both side rails
  • Speed
  • Incline
  • Running Area
  • Motor
  • Roller
    100 mm
  • Belt thickness
    4.3mm (free maintainnance)
  • Running board thickness
  • Black, PU foam for handlebar
  • Mirror function
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in apps
    Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Kinomap, Instagram, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Google Chrome,

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