Evolve CPU Urethane Curl Fixed Barbell

Elevate your gym’s quality with the durable and versatile Evolve Urethane Straight or Curled Fixed Weight Barbell Set. Crafted from top-notch urethane material, these barbells are designed to withstand wear and maintain their appearance. You can personalize your gym’s identity with your logo and colors, making your place stand out. Safety is a priority as these barbells are made from safe, odorless urethane. The set comes in various weight options from 10 kg to 55 kg, catering to different fitness levels. You can rely on their consistent weight and performance, and the clear logos add a touch of style. Upgrade your gym offerings with the reliable Evolve Urethane Straight or Curled Fixed Weight Barbell Set, showcasing quality and personalized excellence.

Elevate Your Gym with Evolve

Durable Performance and Customization for Gym Owners

Unleash a new level of durability and versatility with the Evolve Urethane Straight or Curled Fixed Weight Barbell Set. Designed to meet the demands of commercial gyms and home fitness enthusiasts, this set redefines endurance with premium urethane material. Bid farewell to worries about wear, chipping, or peeling, as these barbells maintain their impeccable appearance over time, presenting a cost-effective solution that negates frequent replacements.

Customizable and Stylish

Elevate Your Gym’s Branding

In addition to their exceptional durability, Evolve Urethane Straight or Curled Fixed Weight Barbells offer avenues for personalization, enabling you to heighten your gym’s unique branding and visual impact. Incorporate your gym’s logo and select custom colors, setting your gym apart and making an enduring impression on your members.

Laser-Cut & Urethane-Infused Logos

Elevate Aesthetics without Compromising Performance

Adorned with laser-cut logos and enduring urethane-infused weight indications, Evolve Urethane Straight or Curled Fixed Weight Barbells seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with practicality. Transition effortlessly between weights during workouts with these prominent markings, facilitating a seamless and effective training experience for your esteemed gym members.

Hard Chromed Knurled Handles

A Grip That Endures

Experience unparalleled grip and performance with Evolve Urethane Fixed Weight Barbells. Featuring hard chromed knurled handles, these barbells offer an unwavering hold even during the most demanding exercises. The knurling design ensures a solid grasp, complemented by chrome plating that not only enhances grip but also adds an elegant touch of durability.


Consistent Excellence

Embrace the assurance of consistent excellence with precision-crafted Evolve Urethane Fixed Weight Barbells. Through meticulous construction, these barbells deliver uniform weight and unwavering performance, surpassing standard options that may exhibit weight discrepancies.

Safety and Reliability

A Consistent Workout Experience

Ensuring safety and reliability is paramount, and the Evolve Urethane Straight or Curled Fixed Weight Barbell Set upholds this commitment. Composed of high-quality, non-toxic, and odorless urethane material, these barbells create a secure and health-conscious training environment. Their robust construction minimizes the risk of breakage or chipping, reducing the potential for injuries during intense workout sessions.

Technical specifications

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