Evolve Vinyl Dumbbell

Evolve Vinyl Dumbbells 2 x 1-5 kg are the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their fitness routine with reliable, safe, and versatile equipment. Experience the difference in your workouts with these top-of-the-line dumbbells. Shop now and take the first step towards a more effective and enjoyable exercise regimen.

Commercial-Grade Quality

For Everyday Use

Evolve Vinyl Dumbbells are engineered for resilience and frequent use. The robust vinyl coating not only ensures a comfortable grip but also makes cleaning a breeze. This protective layer guards your fitness equipment against wear and tear, making them a long-lasting addition to any gym.

Innovative Anti-Roll Hexagon Design

Safety and convenience

Safety and convenience are at the forefront with the unique hexagon-shaped heads. This innovative design prevents the dumbbells from rolling away, ensuring a stable and secure workout environment. Whether you’re in the middle of an intense session or storing your weights, the anti-roll feature adds an extra layer of safety.

Versatile Weight Options

For Every Fitness Level

With weights ranging from 1 kg to 5 kg, Evolve Vinyl Dumbbells cater to all fitness levels. Beginners can start with lighter weights, while more advanced users can challenge themselves with heavier options. The variety allows for a fully customizable workout, adaptable to your evolving fitness journey.

Why Choose Evolve Vinyl Dumbbells?

  • Durable Vinyl Coating: Ensures longevity and a comfortable grip.
  • Anti-Roll Design: Increases safety and convenience during workouts.
  • Commercial-Grade: Suitable for both home and professional gym settings.
  • Multiple Weight Options: Accommodates all levels of fitness enthusiasts.
  • Easy to Clean: Low maintenance and hygienic.
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Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Durable Vinyl Coating
  • Anti-Roll Design
  • Commercial-Grade
  • Low maintenance and hygienic
  • Multiple Weight Options

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