Evolve Econ Series AirBike with LCD Console

A professional-grade gym bike designed for intense workouts. It features an air resistance mechanism, offering a unique and challenging exercise experience. Its sturdy and durable build, suitable for rigorous use in professional and commercial use.

AIr resistance based System

Excellent system for high-intensity interval training

This mechanism not only offers a smooth, fluid motion but also minimizes wear and tear, making it ideal for professional use where the bike is likely to undergo frequent and intense workouts.

The air resistance wheel

Evolve gym bike operates on a simple yet effective principle: as the user pedals, the blades within the large, caged wheel push against the air, creating resistance. This type of resistance is progressive, meaning the harder or faster the user pedals, the greater the resistance becomes.

dynamic workout experience

Fitness session that adapts to the user’s intensity in real time

The resistance on our bike automatically scales with the speed of pedaling. This means that the workout can shift seamlessly from low intensity to high intensity, catering to a variety of training needs, whether it’s steady-state cardio or a demanding high-intensity interval session.

Customizable Seat

Engineered for comfort and performance

The bike seat on the Evolve gym bike is is adjustable, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their body, reducing the risk of strain during prolonged workouts. The design is also optimized to support a proper riding posture, which is crucial for both safety and effectiveness of the workout. The seat’s materials are chosen for durability and to provide the necessary support while still ensuring comfort, even during intense training sessions.

performance monitor

Component that tracks workout metrics, providing real-time feedback

It displays critical data such as speed, distance, time, and calories burned, enabling users to monitor their progress and maintain their workout intensity. This feature is especially useful for goal setting and tracking performance improvements over time, which is essential for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to achieve specific fitness targets.

Cup holder

Keep hydrated during your workouts without having to interrupt your exercise

It’s strategically placed within easy reach, ensuring that a bottle or cup can be accessed effortlessly while riding. This thoughtful addition to the bike’s design underscores the importance of convenience and functionality in creating a seamless exercise experience.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Weight
    54 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Console
    Performance monitor
  • Console parameters
    Speed, time, distance, calories, watts
  • Adjustable seat
    Vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Max user weight
    230 kg
  • Purpose

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