Evolve Econ Series Rower with LCD Console

Meet the Evolve CR 100 Rower, a versatile fitness machine designed to cater to both home and commercial environments. With its distinguishing SKU EV-CR-100, this rower offers a comprehensive array of features that make it the perfect companion for enhancing your fitness journey. The rower comes equipped with ergonomic handles boasting a 10-degree bend for comfortable grip and efficient strokes. Its nickel-plated metal cord ensures durability and smooth rowing action. The air resistance system is adjustable with a damper, allowing you to fine-tune your workout intensity. The seat is strategically positioned at a height of 35 cm, ensuring ease of access and comfortable exercise. Transportation wheels facilitate convenient mobility, while the adjustable pedals with straps accommodate various foot sizes, ensuring stability and security during workouts. Elevate your fitness experience with the Evolve CR 100 Rower.

Ergonomic Bliss

10-Degree Bend Handles

The Evolve CR 100 Rower is equipped with ergonomic handles featuring a 10-degree bend. This thoughtful design ensures a comfortable grip and natural hand positioning throughout your entire rowing session, reducing strain and maximizing your performance potential.

Secure Your Stride

Adjustable Pedals with Straps

The Evolve CR 100 Rower prioritizes safety and stability with adjustable pedals featuring secure straps. Your feet stay firmly in place, reducing the risk of slips and ensuring each stroke is powerful and controlled.

LCD Console

This console aids in tracking performance and progress

Rower features an LCD console that displays a range of workout parameters including time, distance, strokes per minute, meters per stroke, calories, power (watts), and heart rate.

Built to Last

Nickel-Plated Metal Cord

With durability in mind, the Evolve CR 100 Rower features a nickel-plated metal cord. This robust material not only ensures the longevity of your machine but also delivers consistent and reliable performance, stroke after stroke.

Unleash Your Potential

Precision Air Resistance with Adjustable Damper

Achieve the perfect resistance level with the Evolve CR 100 Rower’s air resistance system. The adjustable damper allows you to fine-tune your workout intensity, accommodating users of all fitness levels and providing a challenging, effective cardio experience.

Optimal Seat Height – 35 cm

Your Comfort, Our Priority

Comfort is key when it comes to rowing. The Evolve CR 100 Rower boasts an optimal seat height of 35 cm, ensuring that your workouts are not only effective but also comfortable. Say goodbye to unnecessary strain and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable rowing experience.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Dimensions
    2450 x 560 x 570 mm
  • Weight
    32 kg
  • Console
  • Console parameters
    Time, distance, strokes per minute, meters per stroke, calories, power (watts), heart rate
  • Max user weight
    230 kg
  • Resistance type
  • Power supply
    D Batteries
  • Resistance levels
  • Transportation wheels
  • Warranty
    2 years