Evolve Treadmill with LED Console

The Evolve HT 350 LED treadmill is a powerhouse of fitness technology. Featuring a DC max. 4.5 HP motor, an LED screen, and multifunctional capabilities like MP3 input and USB charging for your mobile phone, this treadmill is designed to enhance your workouts. With a foldable frame equipped with a hydraulic slow-drop system and convenient transportation wheels, storage is effortless. You’ll be immersed in sound with Bluetooth HiFi integrated speakers, and with a maximum user weight of 150 kg, a top speed of 18.8 km/h, and a suite of 12 integrated programs plus a BMI level test, this treadmill is both versatile and affordable. The Evolve HT 350 LED is your path to staying motivated and achieving your fitness goals.

Cushioned Comfort

Advanced Cushioning System

Our treadmill boasts a cutting-edge cushioning system on the running deck. This system provides an extra bounce to your stride, ensuring confidence that your knees and joints are well-protected. With advanced shock absorption technology, you’ll enjoy maximum safety and comfort throughout your workout.

Safety First

Equipped for Your Protection

The treadmill’s deck is designed with user safety in mind. Equipped with side rails on both sides, these rails are covered in a non-slip pattern to prevent accidents. In emergencies, users can step off the belt and onto the side rails with ease, ensuring your safety during every workout.

Stability and Durability

Max User Weight – 150 KG

Our treadmill boasts a durable and secure frame that surpasses the expectations of home users. Weighing 90 kg, it can confidently support user weights of up to 150 kg. With a high-end, stylish design, it remains super stable even during your most intense workouts.

Incline for Variety

Electronic 0-15% Incline

Experience versatile workouts with our electronic incline adjustment. A motor smoothly lifts the platform to your desired level, offering inclines of up to 15%. This feature allows you to customize your workouts, from brisk walks to challenging uphill runs.

Power and Quiet Operation

4.5 HP Max Power

Our treadmill is powered by a 3.5 HP continuous-duty motor, which generates an impressive 4.5 HP at its maximum power. This robust motor ensures smooth, enduring performance, even at maximum intensity. Remarkably, it operates quietly, emitting only 60 dB of noise. This feature is particularly useful for home users who enjoy listening to music or watching TV during their workouts.

Push Your Limits

Max Speed – 18.8 KM/H

Maximize your speed and stamina with a top speed of 18.8 km/h. This broad speed range accommodates everything from leisurely walks to high-intensity interval training, allowing you to surpass your fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Smart Fitness

Monitor your heart rate to optimize your workout experience. Tracking your heart rate not only helps you prevent overexertion but also enables you to reach specific fitness zones, enhancing the effectiveness of your cardiovascular workouts and calorie-burning sessions.

Stay Hydrated and Organized

Water Bottle and Accessory Holders

Keep refreshed with integrated holders on both sides for your favorite drinks and secure spaces covered with non-slip patterns for your workout accessories. You’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Safety Key

Prioritize Your Safety

Attach the red safety key to your clothing before each workout. In emergencies, the safety key disengages, stopping the treadmill immediately. Your safety is paramount to us.

Maintenance Made Easy

Auto-Lubrication System

Our innovative auto-lubricating system simplifies maintenance. It evenly distributes silicone, eliminating the need for frequent and annoying re-oiling.

Informative LED Console

Track Your Progress

Stay informed with our LED console, which displays essential data like time, distance, calories, speed, and heart rate. Detailed feedback will keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals. The bright display is user-friendly and easy to use.

Program Variety

Tailored Workouts

Achieve your fitness goals with ease using the treadmill’s 12 integrated workout programs. These programs provide motivation and variety to your workouts. The user-program option even enables you to create your custom exercise routine. Plus, the BMI level assessment test helps you track your progress.

Convenient Control Wheel

Effortless Adjustment

Our integrated wheel-button allows you to start, stop, and adjust speed with a simple flick of your wrist. No more repeatedly pushing +/- buttons to change speed; just rotate and press to select.

Musical Motivation

Bluetooth Speakers

Enhance your workouts by listening to your favorite music through our HIFI high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers. Groove to your tunes and maintain the perfect tempo during your exercise sessions.

Joint Protection

7 Tiers Belt

Our running belt comprises seven tiers, with the top layer featuring a diamond-shaped pattern. These features offer superior joint protection, enhance durability, and ensure longevity.

Secure Traction

Diamond Pattern

The top layer of the belt is covered with a diamond-shaped pattern, providing not only anti-skid properties but also abrasion resistance.

Spacious Running Platform

Room to Roam

Enjoy a comfortable workout experience on our wide running area, measuring 1350 x 520 mm. It provides ample room even for taller users, ensuring that your workouts are accommodating and enjoyable.

Premium Rollers

Commercial Grade Cones

Premium treadmill rollers ensure drum steadiness, providing smooth operation with an automatic reset function.

Foldable and Space-Saving

Foldable and Space-Saving

After each workout, effortlessly fold the treadmill and transfer it to another location using the built-in transportation wheels. It’s a practical space-saving solution that seamlessly fits into any home gym setup.

Adjustable Screen

Optimal Visual Angle

Choose the most ergonomic visual angle for your posture and reduce the risk of neck strain with an adjustable screen angle of up to 40°.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Dimensions
    1790 x 900 x 1400 mm
  • Weight
    93 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Bluetooth
  • Continuous motor power
    3.5 HP
  • Peak motor power
    4.5 HP
  • Speed
    1-18.8 km/h
  • Incline
  • Console
  • Console parameters
    speed, distance, time, calories, pulse
  • Water bottle holder
  • Accessory holder
  • Belt dimensions
    1360 x 520 mm
  • Heart rate sensors on handles
  • Max user weight
    150 kg
  • Transportation wheels
  • Fan
  • USB mobile phone charger
  • Wireless mobile phone charger
  • Sleep function
  • Integrated speakers
  • WiFi
  • Screensaver
  • Virtual workouts
  • YouTube
  • Internet
  • Power saving mode
  • Autolubrication
  • MP3 input