Evolve Powerlifting Sound & Vibration Absorption Platform With Long Insert 305 x 310 x 10 cm

Enhance your gym space with the Evolve Free Standing Sound & Vibration Absorption Platform FS-100. Designed for both personal and commercial fitness facilities, this platform is a noise and vibration cancellation powerhouse. Its multi-layered construction minimizes bounce and vibrations, ensuring a quieter workout environment. Crafted with soundproof materials, it’s perfect for Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit. Plus, its sturdy build, featuring non-slip laminate and durable rubber strips, guarantees long-lasting performance. Elevate your gym with this resilient solution today!

laser-cut logo details

Aesthetics and Premium Craftsmanship

Introducing our remarkable Laser-Cut Logo Details, the epitome of weightlifting refinement. Crafted with precision laser-cut technology, these hi-tech features offer striking aesthetics with clean, sharp edges, adding undeniable value and sophistication to your gym. Their exceptional craftsmanship ensures durability and enhances platform’s overall integrity. Embrace the art of weightlifting in a class of its own, elevating your gym experience with unparalleled aesthetics and precision.


Enhanced Structural Integrity for Maximum Stability

We understand the need for unwavering stability during intense weightlifting sessions. That’s why our weightlifting platform features Reinforced Corners, ensuring maximum structural integrity and support. These precision-engineered corners fortify the frame, safeguarding it against the forces generated by heavy lifting. With this superior design element, you can lift confidently, knowing that our platform can handle whatever challenges you throw at it. Embrace the power of reinforced strength and elevate your weightlifting performance with enhanced stability.


SILENT FOAM™ Technology

Our platform showcases the groundbreaking SILENT FOAM™ Technology, setting new standards in weightlifting platforms. Engineered for unparalleled comfort and performance, this innovative foam absorbs sound and vibration, fostering a peaceful training environment. Combined with our advanced Composite Foam Technology, experience unparalleled impact absorption that minimizes strain throughout your lifts. Unlock your true weightlifting potential as our platform delivers unwavering support and stability for your most demanding training sessions.


Easy-to-Clean, Crumble-Free Surface

Discover the power of our exclusive Wear-Resistant Multi-Layer Rubber surface, boasting advanced lamination technology for unparalleled durability. Engineered to withstand the most rigorous weightlifting routines, this cutting-edge rubber resists wear and tear, setting it apart from conventional platforms. Embrace the advantage of laminated rubber as it elevates your training experience with unrivaled strength and reliability. No more compromises – experience a platform built to last, designed with the athlete in mind.

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Featuring a Secure Non-Slip Coating

Crafted from a single piece of plywood and enhanced with a Non-Slip Coating, our weightlifting platform guarantees a secure and resilient surface for every lift. This premium plywood, complemented by the non-slip grip empowers you with the stability you need to tackle even the most challenging lifts. Achieve perfect footwork, maintain consistent positioning, and unlock your true lifting potential with our platform’s unrivaled surface design.


Nature’s Aesthetics

Embrace the natural beauty of wood without compromising on performance. Our Wood Imitation Plywood exudes elegance and charm, adding a touch of sophistication to your gym environment. As aesthetically pleasing as real wood, this option combines durability with the allure of natural materials, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gym-goers to thrive.


Elegance Redefined

Elevate your gym to new heights of sophistication with our Premium Oak. Crafted from genuine oak, this premium option exudes timeless elegance and prestige. Its natural beauty, distinct grain patterns, and unmatched strength create a truly luxurious gym space. With Premium Oak, you not only invest in top-tier equipment but also create an environment that inspires and motivates gym enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals at their best.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Weight
    221 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Height
    100 mm
  • Lenght
    3050 mm
  • Width
    3100 mm
  • Platform purpose
    Sound & Vibration Absorption