Evolve Rubber Kettlebells

Welcome to the ultimate strength training experience with our Evolve TPU Urethane Competition Kettlebells. Designed for athletes who demand the best, our kettlebells offer a perfect blend of durability, consistency, and professional-grade quality. From 8 kg to 36 kg, discover the power of exceptional equipment that stands the test of time and intensity.

Exceptional Durability

Longevity and resistance

Each Evolve kettlebell begins its life as a robust metal alloy cast, promising longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Meticulously designed, these kettlebells resist corrosion and deformation, ensuring they retain their pristine condition workout after workout. Their precision casting guarantees excellent balance and dimensional accuracy, making them a top choice for professional gyms, military bases, hotels, rehabilitation centers, and home fitness enthusiasts who demand the best.

Advanced Functionality

Durability and safeguards

The rubber encasement of Evolve kettlebells is more than just an aesthetic choice. It significantly boosts their durability, safeguards your flooring and equipment from damage, and substantially reduces noise during workouts. The textured surface is not only easy to clean but also provides a secure, non-slip grip, crucial for safety during intense training sessions. Plus, with embossed and laser-cut weight markings, selecting the right kettlebell for your workout is a breeze.

Versatility for Every Fitness Level

Quality and value

Whether it’s individual, group, functional, or CrossFit training, Evolve kettlebells cater to it all. Their diverse range, varying in size, diameter, and handle thickness, allows you to choose the perfect kettlebell for your training needs. Available in weights from 4 kg to 14 kg, these kettlebells feature a flat, wide base for unmatched stability, eliminating wobble and enhancing your exercise experience.

Discover the Evolve difference and transform your fitness journey with our range of rubber kettlebells. Designed for those who value quality and performance, Evolve kettlebells are your trusted partner in achieving your strength and conditioning goals.

Technical specifications

  • Chromed handle for a sleek, stylish finish
  • Durable rubber coating for longevity and floor protection
  • Wide, flat base ensuring perfect balance and stability

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