Evolve Squat Bar - 220 cm

Maximize your strength training with the Evolve Olympic Safety Squat Bar (Product Code: EV-OB-SQ-220), a robust and innovative addition to your fitness arsenal. This premium squat bar is expertly designed to cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, featuring a substantial weight of 24 kg for a challenging workout. The bar boasts a significant maximum load capacity of 350 kg, making it ideal for heavy lifters. With an overall length of 2200 mm and a 1390 mm long inner part of the fingerboard, it ensures comfortable and secure grips for various body types. The 30 mm diameter of the inner part of the fretboard and 51 mm bushing diameter for weights accommodate standard Olympic weights, enhancing its versatility. Its one-year warranty underlines the commitment to quality and durability. Whether you’re aiming to increase strength, improve posture, or build muscle, the Evolve Olympic Safety Squat Bar is your go-to equipment for achieving your fitness goals.

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    24 kg
  • Warranty
    1 years
  • Max load
    350 kg
  • Bushing diameter for weights
    Ø 51 mm
  • Length
    2200 mm
  • The length of the inner part of the fingerboard
    1390 mm
  • The diameter of the inner part of the fretboard
    Ø30 mm

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