Evolve TPU Urethane Competition Kettlebells

Welcome to the ultimate strength training experience with our Evolve TPU Urethane Competition Kettlebells. Designed for athletes who demand the best, our kettlebells offer a perfect blend of durability, consistency, and professional-grade quality. From 8 kg to 36 kg, discover the power of exceptional equipment that stands the test of time and intensity.

Extreme Durability

Withstand the rigors of intense workouts

Evolve kettlebells boast a state-of-the-art urethane coating, known for its superior impact resistance and longevity. Unlike traditional rubber or steel kettlebells, our urethane models withstand the rigors of intense workouts without chipping, cracking, or losing their vibrant color.

Consistent Technique Development

Identical size

All Evolve kettlebells are crafted to meet international competition standards, maintaining identical size and diameter across weights. This uniformity allows for seamless progression in weight without having to adjust your technique, fostering better performance and lifting confidence.

Sound-Absorbing and Floor-Protecting

Urethanes durability

The high-quality urethane coating not only enhances durability but also protects your training space. Its sound-absorbing and scratch-resistant properties make our kettlebells the ideal choice for both gym and home environments.

Customization for Your Brand

Tailored to Your Brand

Elevate your facility’s aesthetic with Evolve’s customization options. We offer color matching to your brand and interior, along with laser cutting and urethane infusion for logos and weight indications, ensuring a personalized and professional touch.

Versatility and Selection

Quality and value

With a wide range of weights, our kettlebells serve everyone from home fitness enthusiasts to commercial gyms. They are a versatile addition to military bases, hotels, rehabilitation centers, and more, offering unparalleled quality and value.

Technical Excellence

Maximum balance

Evolve kettlebells are precision-cast from a sturdy metal alloy, ensuring maximum balance and dimension accuracy. The chrome handle adds a touch of elegance and comfort, while the flat base ensures stability during all exercises.

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Choose Evolve for your training needs and join the ranks of top athletes who settle for nothing but the best. Shop our collection now and experience the Evolve difference!

Technical specifications

  • Chromed handle for glossy finish and stylish look
  • Urethane coat for maximum durability
  • Laser cut, urethane infused logo and weight number
  • Wide, flat base for a perfect balance

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