Evolve Ultra Series Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise, UL-150

Elevate your gym’s leg workout experience with the Evolve Ultra Series Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise UL-150. Designed for commercial settings, this machine boasts a durable steel frame with rust-resistant coating. It ensures correct posture for users of all body types with non-slip handles and comfortable thigh pads. Gym owners can customize its colors to match their brand, making it perfect for professional use. With ergonomic upholstery, non-slip features, and a 2-year warranty, this equipment combines safety, comfort, and durability. Upgrade your gym’s aesthetics and functionality with this premium fitness machine.

Targeted Muscle Engagement

Muscle Groups Targeted

The Evolve Ultra Series Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise is engineered to effectively isolate and engage the calf muscles. Through its specialized design, this machine ensures precise targeting of the calf muscles, facilitating their development and strength.

Adjustable Resistance

Customizable Weight Stacks

Users can easily adjust resistance levels by adding or removing weight plates, allowing for tailored workouts that cater to individual calf strength levels and progression. Whether aiming for increased calf endurance or strength gains, the adjustable resistance feature provides versatility to adapt to various training goals.

Thick Upholstery

Supreme Comfort and Durability

Our Thick Upholstery offers unmatched comfort during your workouts while ensuring lasting durability. This feature makes your training sessions a pleasure to endure.

Comfortable Design

Ergonomic Padding and Handles

Designed with user comfort in mind, the Seated Calf Raise machine features ergonomic pads and handles that promote proper leg positioning and support during exercises.

Durability and Stability

Sturdy Frame

Its robust frame provides stability and safety during workouts, ensuring users can perform calf exercises with confidence and without concerns about equipment stability. Its streamlined design maximizes space efficiency without compromising functionality, allowing for an optimized workout area dedicated to effective calf training.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Dimensions
    1500 x 760 x 1010 mm
  • Weight
    65 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Max. load
    200 kg
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Anti-corrosion paint
  • Metal frame without sharp edges
  • Non-slip handles footplates and footrests
  • Placards with workout instruction
  • Thick upholstery
  • Unilateral handle movement
  • Durable floor protectors
  • Customize frame and upholstery colors
  • Safe and easy fixation