Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Assisted Chin / Dip

Experience optimal muscle engagement and versatility with the Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Assisted Chin/Dip machine (UL-080). Elevate your workouts as this machine offers independent arm movement, enhancing muscle symmetry and engagement. With its fully covered weight stack shroud, safety meets style seamlessly, while the sleek and durable matte paint finish ensures both visual appeal and long-lasting performance. The user-centric design, including one-hand seat adjustment and optimal hand grips, guarantees a comfortable and efficient workout. Elevate your fitness routine with this cutting-edge machine from the Evolve Ultra Series and achieve your fitness goals effectively.

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The Evolve Ultra Series Selectorized Chest Press, part of the Evolve Ultra Series, is built for both comfort and performance. The machine designed for exercise versatility, ergonomic support and adjustablity options for different user sizes. The design is aesthetically pleasing with a durable, powder-coated finish, and the use of high-quality cables ensures smooth operation.


    For Upper Body and Core Strength Development

    Evolve Ultra Series Assisted Chin/Dip Machine primarily targets and engages several major muscle groups, making it a valuable tool for upper body and core strength development. The specific muscles worked during various exercises on this machine include:

    Latissimus Dorsi (Lats): The latissimus dorsi muscles are heavily engaged during chin-up exercises. These are the large muscles in the back that create the appearance of a “V” shape and are responsible for pulling the body upward; Biceps Brachii (Biceps): The biceps muscles are used during chin-ups, as they are involved in bending the elbow when pulling the body upward. Rhomboids: These muscles, located between the shoulder blades, are activated during both chin-ups and dips, helping to retract and stabilize the scapula (shoulder blades); Triceps Brachii (Triceps): The triceps muscles come into play during the dip exercises, especially when pushing the body back up. Pectoralis Major (Chest): The pectoral muscles are also engaged during dips, as they assist in pushing the body upward. Anterior Deltoids (Front Shoulders): The front deltoid muscles are involved in both chin-ups and dips, as they contribute to the shoulder movement during these exercises. Core Muscles: To stabilize the body and maintain proper posture during chin-ups and dips, the core muscles, including the rectus abdominis and obliques, are engaged; Forearm Muscles: Grip strength and forearm muscles, such as the brachioradialis, are utilized when holding onto the handles.


Diversify For Your Pull-up Routine

The Evolve Ultra Series machine is equipped with multi-grip pull-up handles, which allows users to diversify their pull-up routine. You can opt for a wide grip to target the upper back, a medium-distance grip for the middle back, or a narrow grip to engage the lower back muscles. This variety accommodates different exercise variations and muscle group targeting.


Adjustable Parallel Bar

Lets You Tailor Your Workout

Evolve Ultra Series Assisted Chin / Dip machine has adjustable parallel bars which lets you tailor your workout to your preferences. You can choose a narrow distance between the bars for focused triceps training or a wider setting to emphasize the lower chest. This adaptability ensures that your workouts are tailored to your specific goals and comfort level.

Top Weight Plate

For Better Performance

The Evolve Ultra Series Assisted Chin/Dip machine has two extra 2.5 kg top weight plates which serves a dual purpose in enhancing the exercise machine’s performance. Firstly, it extends the maximum resistance that the machine can provide, allowing users to challenge themselves even further in their workouts. Additionally, these additional weight plates offer a unique advantage by permitting users to make smaller, more precise increments in their resistance adjustments, with each plate providing a 2.5 kg increase. This precision in resistance selection enables individuals to fine-tune their workouts to meet their specific needs and goals, ensuring that every exercise session is tailored to optimize results.

Adjustable foot support

Target Different Areas

The Evolve Ultra Series machine offers an exceptional feature with its multi-grip pull-up handles, designed to elevate your pull-up routine to a new level. These handles provide a diverse range of grip options, allowing you to tailor your pull-up exercises to precisely target different areas of your back.

Weight Stack

Customize and Add

The Evolve Ultra Series Assisted Chin/Dip machine is equipped with a 85 kg resistance level, but you also have the option to customize and add it to 122.5 kg for an even more challenging workout experience. It boasts a fully enclosed weight stack ensures the safety of your exercises.

Non-Slip Rubbered Stairs

For Safe Workouts

Two non-slip rubbered stairs make it easier for users of varying heights to access and exit the machine comfortably. These stairs enhance safety and convenience during your workout sessions.

Molded floor protectors

The robust rubber feet on Evolve Ultra Series serve as protective shields to prevent any potential damage to your floors. These heavy-duty rubber feet are designed to safeguard your flooring surfaces from any harm that might occur during use. Moreover, these rubber feet not only offer protection but also contribute to the stability.

Double powder coated Frame

Preventing Damage

The Evolve Ultra Series strength machines with an electrostatic powder-coated pearl black matte frame exemplify both form and function. Its aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the black matte finish, while its practical features, including friction resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and scratches resistance, ensure that it’s a reliable and long-lasting fitness companion.


Superior Quality

Evolve Ultra Series machines uses cables of superior quality, there are six main strands, and each strand consists of 19 wires twisted together, Polyamide 12 (PA12) material, and a 5mm diameter. These cables are engineered for strength and durability, with a breaking force of 9000 kN, making them the preferred choice for applications where exceptional reliability, durability and performance are needed.As you transition from one exercise to another, be it bicep curls, chest presses, lat pulldowns, or any other strength-building activity, Evolve Ultra series cable’s exceptional performance ensures that your movements are smooth, and the resistance is consistent, promoting a workout experience that is both effective and enjoyable

Exercises Sticker

Perfect for Easier Navigation

Evolve Ultra series machines has informative stickers which serves as your visual aid, making it easier for you to navigate the machine’s features and functions, ultimately enhancing your exercise experience. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into the various muscle groups that can be effectively worked on the machine, empowering you to make the most out of your fitness routine by targeting specific areas of interest

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Weight
    136 kg
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Weight stack
    85 kg
  • Dimensions
    1745 x 1195 x 2430 mm
  • Corrosion protection paint
  • Placard with training instruction
  • Adjustable position
  • Durable floor protectors
  • Shrouded weight stack

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