Evolve CPU Urethane Straight Fixed Barbells

Maximize your strength training with the sleek Evolve Urethane Fixed Weight Barbells, ranging from 10 to 55 kg to suit all fitness levels. Their fixed weight design offers convenience for quick resistance changes during workouts. Crafted with durable urethane, laser-etched detailing, and an infused logo, these barbells are built for longevity and designed to elevate the look of any gym setting. Perfect for straightforward, efficient exercise regimes, Evolve barbells are the top-notch choice for reliable and stylish weightlifting equipment.

Built to Last

Unmatched Urethane Durability

Experience the unmatched durability of Evolve’s urethane coating, resistant to impact, chipping, and the elements. Our barbells maintain their premium look and feel without the unwanted odors or degradation common with rubber counterparts. The urethane protection not only preserves the barbell but also safeguards your training space.

Customization Meets Quality

Tailored to Your Brand

Enhance your fitness space with barbells that reflect your brand’s ethos. With customizable color infusion and laser-cut logos, Evolve barbells are more than just equipment; they’re a statement of quality and dedication to your clientele’s fitness goals.

Precision Engineering

For Professional Standards

Our barbells boast a solid metal alloy construction, precision-engineered to withstand the demands of any workout environment. From military bases to high-end gyms, Evolve barbells provide the balance and dimensional accuracy required for top-tier fitness facilities.

Clarity in Every Lift

Laser-Cut Weight Indications

Say goodbye to guesswork with clearly defined, laser-cut weight numbers and logos that stand the test of time. The urethane infusion guarantees visibility and a professional look for years to come, ensuring your investment is not only smart but also stylish.

Technical specifications

  • SKU
  • Laser cut, urethane infused logo and weight number
  • Knurled handle provide great grip
  • Urethane coat for maximum durability
  • We can infuse your gym brand logo and color