Evolve Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack

The Evolve Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack is an exceptional storage solution for gyms, garages, and fitness centers, designed to keep weight plates organized and easily accessible. This durable rack features a powder-coated frame for rust resistance, transportation wheels, and a non-slip handle for effortless mobility. Its efficient design, complete with protective PVC feet coating, ensures safety, stability, and space optimization, making it an ideal choice for maintaining an orderly and professional workout environment. This rack is not only a practical addition to any fitness space but also enhances user experience by keeping equipment neatly organized and readily available.

Mobile and Convenient Storage

Equipped with transportation wheels and a non-slip handle, the Evolve Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack makes moving weight plates around your space a breeze. Whether you’re reorganizing your gym or simply moving equipment for a specific workout, this rack offers unparalleled mobility.

Durable Design for Longevity

The rack’s powder-coated frame not only adds a sleek, professional look but also ensures resistance to rust and wear. This means your investment stays in top condition, even in the toughest gym environments.

Efficient Organization for Easy Access

The strong frame of the rack can hold multiple bumper weight plates, making it an efficient storage solution. By keeping your plates neatly stacked and sorted, it becomes easier for users to find and select the weights they need, streamlining their workout experience.

Protective Elements for Safety and Stability

With protective PVC feet coating, the Evolve Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack stands securely in place, ensuring safety and stability during use. This feature helps protect your floors from scratches and damage, maintaining the pristine condition of your fitness space.

Main Advantages of Choosing the Evolve Rack

  • Powder-Coated Frame: Offers durability and rust resistance.
  • Transportation Wheels: Facilitates easy movement within your space.
  • Non-Slip Handle: Ensures a firm grip while moving the rack.
  • Protective PVC Feet Coating: Preserves floor integrity and adds stability.

The Evolve Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack is an essential addition to any fitness facility, offering a practical solution for weight plate storage and transportation. Its robust construction, combined with convenient features, makes it an investment that enhances the functionality and organization of your workout space.

Technical specifications

  • Powder-coated frame
  • Transportation wheels
  • Non-slip handle
  • Protective PVC feet coating

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