Lithuania 2023

Discover the new standard in fitness at Gym+, situated in Klaipėda city. A custom urethane free weights, up to 60 kg dumbbells, and a vibrant, personalized gym environment. Gym+ is more than just a gym – it’s a fitness revolution with custom build rigs and unique design that matches their identity without any compromises.

Our state-of-the-art half racks with sound absorption, ergonomic plate-loaded machines, and a variety of workout benches cater to all your strength training needs. For functional and cross-training enthusiasts, we offer a diverse range of equipment including kettlebells, slam balls, and more, all customized to enhance clients workout experience.

Gym+ also features a unique rig system with custom made modules, ensuring a seamless and efficient fitness journey. Comfort meets style with our branded NBR workout mats, making every workout at Gym+ a premium experience. At Evolve, we’re dedicated to equipping fitness centers with only the best, and Gym+ is a testament to our commitment to excellence in fitness.

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