Lemon Gym

Riga, Teika
Latvia 2022

Introducing the Evolve Fitness Project at Lemon Gym, Riga, Latvia

At Evolve Fitness, we take immense pride in equipping Lemon Gym with the finest fitness equipment that sets new standards of excellence in the industry. This project showcases our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions for gyms worldwide, elevating fitness experiences to new heights.

Why Choose Evolve Fitness for Your Gym?

Customization for Uniqueness: We understand that every gym has a unique identity, and our equipment is designed with this in mind. The Evolve Urethane Body Pump Set comes in a variety of colors to match your brand, making your gym stand out from the crowd.

Unmatched Durability: Our equipment is built to endure the rigors of commercial use. The Evolve Urethane Body Pump Set boasts a highly durable urethane coating, resistant to impact, heat, UV rays, and wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their perfect appearance and performance for years.

Functionality and Safety: Safety is paramount in any gym, and our equipment reflects that ethos. The textured

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