VS-Express 24/7 Gym

Lithuania 2021

At Evolve, we take pride in our ability to design and equip top-of-the-line gyms, and the VS-Express project was no exception. As one of the largest gym chains in Lithuania, we knew that we had to deliver a gym that would stand out from the rest, and we are proud to say that we did just that.

The VS-Express gym spans an impressive 1900 square meters and boasts a range of state-of-the-art equipment that caters to all fitness levels and preferences. The cardio zone, for example, features over 30 cardio machines, including 14 treadmills that come with a 21.5″ TFT Full HD console. The console provides virtual workouts, wireless phone chargers, and even access to popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. We also made sure to include rowers and air bikes with air resistance, perfect for cross-training enthusiasts, and stairmills, which are known to be the best calorie killers on the market.

The functional zone in VS-Express is equipped with 2 custom-designed

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